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…It’s Website Wednesday: Purple Pedals?

Purple Pedals

In their continuing effort to prove to the world that they haven’t yet fallen off the face of it, Yahoo! has launched a campaign called “Start Wearing Purple” to emphasize the fact that they’re…purple?

Whatever the reason, one of their better purple projects is called Purple Pedals.

    Think: Bikes + Flickr + GPS + Purple +Holy moly, is this one cool ride or what!?

The idea was to give camera/GPS enabled bicycles out to webrities and have them chronicle the life of their bike with pictures that are automatically taken every 60 seconds, geo-tagged, and then displayed on a Yahoo! map.

It might not get you to switch to the ‘hoo, but it’s a cool site to check out while the search wars rage on.

[Yahoo – Start Wearing Purple – Purple Pedals]

…Ghost bikes are a solemn reminder?

Ghost Bikes

Unfortunately, cars and bikes don’t always get along, and when confrontations happen, the bike is usually on the loosing end.

For those that pass on to the bike path in the sky, a painted white “Ghost Bike” is often locked to a nearby pole as an epitaph to the departed biker. These bikes serve as a reminder to cars that everyone needs to share the road, so the next time you see one remember: Share the road to save a life.

[GOOD – Ghost Rider]