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…It’s Movie Monday: The Seed?

The Seed

Johnny Kelly’s ‘The Seed’ uses a combination of stop motion, papercraft and 2D animation to create a short that shows the fantastic journey a seed goes through from birth to death to birth again.

You can watch the movie HERE, but also be sure to check out the making of video below, as well as the Flickr Photo Set of Johnny’s work.

[Nexus Productions]

[Via: Like Cool]

…It’s Movie Monday: A Gathering of Elephants?

Eames Elephant

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Charles Eames’ birth, the Vitra Design Museum and the Eames Office teamed up to produce a limited edition run of the elephant that Charles and Ray Eames designed in 1945, but never put into production.

The Eames are famous for their chair, the Eames Lounge Chair, which is said to be the breakthrough design for one of the most influential design teams of the twentieth century.

The elephant features the swooping wood look that made the chair so famous, and will undoubtedly be highly sought after by the hoards of Eames collectors.

[A Gathering Of Elephants]


…There are 300 million people in these United States?


I’m not sure exactly how scientists nailed this figure down beyond just making an educated guess and really sticking to it, but apparently at 7:46 a.m. EDT this morning, the U.S. population will hit the 300 million people mark. According to the Census Bureau, the United States has a birth every 7 seconds, a death every 13 seconds and the arrival of a new immigrant every 31 seconds, giving us a net gain of one new person for every 11 seconds that pass. Just reading this, 3 new people have already been added. If only I could get everyone to give me a dollar…

[U.S. Population Clock Projection]

[Via: MSNBC]