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…Subway serves bison?

Subway Prank

Subway touts its restaurant as an easy way to eat fresh, but I’d be willing to bet that the bison that goes into their bison noodle soup has been sitting in a freezer for quite some time before finding its way into the soup de jure. It’s not like bison just roam the streets, looking to end their lives as a local Subway soup, I’m sure they have to be imported from somewhere. Actually, Subway doesn’t serve a bison noodle soup, but don’t tell that to the customers who fell victim to this slightly amusing prank. By copying the soup name card that Subway uses to advertise their soups and then creating a new and slightly modified version, one prankster was able to offer such delights as sunset minestrone, fiesta queso con queso, and cream of regret to hungry customers. The site documenting this Subway switcheroo also encourages other pranksters to follow suit with a template that can be used to create a unique concoction that is sure to surprise many a hungry customer. Musty mushroom anyone?

[Subway Sign Prank]

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