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…It’s Movie Monday: Big Buck Bunny?

Big Buck Bunny

Blender is an open source 3D modeling software, and to help promote the fact that it is a suitable environment for professional level 3D animation, Blender created an animated short called Big Buck Bunny.

Big Buck Bunny is a big rabbit with an even bigger heart, but when three rodents start to harass him, something snaps, and he enacts his revenge in a typically cartoonish fashion:

If you’d like to see how they did it, then check out the Big Buck Bunny website, where you can download the source files for the movie and more.

[Big Buck Bunny]

[Via: ReadWriteWeb]

…Crazy things fit in a blender?

Will It Blend?

Will It Blend is a series of viral videos made by Blendtec to promote their Total Blender by seeing what the thing will blend. So far, the Total Blender has successful taken down 50 marbles, an entire Coke can, a movie night, golf balls, 40 pens, and a variety of other “don’t try this at home” items. There’s just something about a low production quality video with 80s background music shot infomercial style that holds a kind of allure. Next up: Will it blend other blenders?

[Will It Blend?]

…Salad Chefs like it fresh?

Salad Chef

If you like your salad dressings fresh, then nothing comes close to the BonJour Salad Chef. The battery-operated blending device allows you to use the freshest ingredients and blend them yourself into a dressing dream. The included carafe features four recipes printed right on the sides, with included measurements, so you just fill, blend, and serve. It’s a veggie lover’s dream machine.

[Via: Kitchen Contraptions]

…You can blend yourself awake in the morning?

Blender Alarm

Here’s an interesting way to wake up in the morning. The Crazy Blender Alarm Clock blends a bunch of Styrofoam beads in the retro-style blender when it’s eggs and bacon time, and blasts some funny alarm music just incase the blending isn’t enough. Plus, it’ll act just like a regular clock when you’re not smacking it for an extra 10 minutes of “snooze time”. A great gift idea for that sleepy friend in your life.

[Crazy Blender Alarm Clock]

[Via: Gizmodo]