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…It’s Blog Action Day: Poverty?

Blog Action Day

Today more than 10,000 sites will participate in Blog Action Day by talking about Poverty, with the goal being to raise awareness, initiate action, and shake the web.

Though Blog Action Day has been planned for months, it seems like a rather appropriate time to be talking about poverty, since many of our fellow humans are now facing a more dire economic situation than they’ve faced in years, if not ever.

Despite these tough times though, I think it’s important to keep in mind one of the fundamental rules that I try and live my life by: It could always be worse.

Despite how bad things might get for you, keep in mind that there’s always someone who is worse off, and that because of this, you should never stop giving to those in need.

Thankfully, this wisdom was instilled in me by my mother, who would do things like take my family to volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving Day to remind us that you should always be thankful for everything that you have, because regardless of how much or how little it might be, there are always people around you who will have less, and that if you just give a little bit of yourself, you can help others in ways that you can hardly imagine.

So I guess my tip for this year’s Blog Action Day boils down to what I suggested for the last year’s Blog Action Day as well: Just do something!

Regardless of how much or how little you have, just by doing something for a fellow man that may have less than you can make a world of difference.

Whether it’s donating a few dollars to a microloan, trick-or-treating for a cause, or just volunteering your time to help someone get back on their feet, there are plenty of things that you can do to help those around you, and it doesn’t take a huge financial outlay to make a difference.

If we all just did something, and helped out someone less fortunate, the world would be a much better place, and poverty wouldn’t be the problem that it is today.

And remember, times may be tough, but just like Abraham Lincoln said, “This too shall pass”.

…Blog Action Day ’08 is on October 15?

Blog Action Day 08

Last year, Blog Action Day united thousands of online voices to support the environment.

This year, Blog Action Day is again uniting thousands of voices, and this time they’re helping to bring awareness to the issue of Poverty on October 15.

If you’d like to help, just visit Blog Action Day’s website and read about all the things that you can do to show your support. Then, check back on the 15th and I’ll have a special post on DYH just for Blog Action Day ’08.

[Blog Action Day ’08]

…You should do something for Blog Action Day?

Blog Action DayToday is Blog Action Day, which means that fifteen thousand blogs with a combined total of twelve million readers are going to be publishing posts about the environment.

Since I’m always down to support a good cause, I’m going to participate by giving you DYH’s Simple Rule To Live By: Do Something.

Being green doesn’t have to be a life changing decision. You don’t need to sell your car and buy a Prius; you don’t need to sell your Prius and buy a bike; and you certainly don’t need to recycle your bike and start walking everywhere; you just need to do something.

That’s because I believe that if everyone did something, then everything would change.


Because even small changes can make a difference.

Change a few light bulbs. Take a shorter shower. Recycle more. Drive less.

There are a million different things that you can do, so you just need to start doing them.

The key is to start small.

Soon, that single bulb will turn into a home full of CFLs, that shorter shower will turn into thousands of gallons of saved water, and that parked car will turn into a healthier you.

So just remember: Don’t try to change the world by yourself; just do something, and the world will follow.

[Blog Action Day]