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…Vox is the new social network?


Vox Screen Shot

If you’ve been dying to get your blog/social network on, but MySpace and Facebook just don’t do it for you, Vox may be your savior. A new and simple blogging platform from Six Apart, Vox is a new site that’s aiming to give you an outlet to the world (or something like that). Interesting features include the ability to share video, pictures, and anything you can grab from YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, Amazon, etc., 150 stock designs so you can’t clutter everything up MySpace style (king of Web 1.0), privacy controls so you can only stalk those you know (ala Facebook), and easy following of what your friends and family are saying (ala anything Web 2.0). Having just come out of beta, Vox is sure to be the social networking bandwagon of choice for the next few weeks, so jump on it soon, you never know when one of these things is going to take off.


{Via: Mashable!]