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…It’s Website Wednesday: BoardGameGeek?


If you enjoy a good board game, then be sure to check out BoardGameGeek.

The site is designed to be all things board game, and features reviews, articles, ratings, images, play-aids, translations, session reports and a forum for almost every board game ever made from board game geeks all across the world,

It also claims to be the largest and most up-to-date place to go for all your gaming information needs, so despite a hectic layout, it’s probably worth spending a few minutes to poke around and see what the ‘Geek is all about, since there’s a wealth of knowledge hidden away in there somewhere.


[Via: Cool Tools]

[Photo Via: Ella’s Dad]

…Got Milk wants you to Get The Glass?

Get The Glass!

Get The Glass! is Got Milk’s latest campaign, and consists of a commercial and an online board game.

Your goal is to help the Adachi family on their quest to break into Fort Fridge without being sent to Milkatraz.

Cute, but it looks like fun.

Got milk?

[Get The Glass!]