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…Beer bottles make great dominoes?

Beer Bottle Dominoes

If you’ve got hundreds of empty beer bottles lying around and you’re not sure what to do with them, then take a cue from these guys and build an awesome beer bottle dominoes chain that ends in the drinking of another… you guessed it; beer!

[Via: Zoomdoggle]

…Drink terminology can be tough?

Bar DrinksEver go to a bar and wonder what the words “neat”, “straight up”, “on the rocks” or “with a twist” mean?

If you have, then you’re in luck, because Jeffrey Morgenthaler is here to help you sort them out. (And apparently they’re confusing for both sides of the bar, so don’t feel bad.)

The short version is as follows:

    Neat: Right out of the bottle.
    Up: Chilled, and served in a cocktail glass.
    Straight Up: Usually means “neat”, but check first.
    Twist: A thin strip of citrus peel. Default is lemon.

But for the long version with a full explanation, you’ll just have to visit the site.

[Jeffrey Morgenthaler – Up, Neat, Straight Up, or On The Rocks]

…Charity: Water gives back?

Charity: Water

Though normally I’d scoff at anyone willing to pay $20 for a bottle of water, I think anyone willing to buy a bottle of Charity: Water deserves praise instead. For each bottle of Charity: Water sold, 100% of the funds go toward freshwater well projects in Africa. For just $4,000, a new well can be dug in Ethiopia that will provide hundreds if not thousands of people with fresh, clean drinking water. Flavorpill has already pledged to donate $2,000 towards the building of the first well, so they only need to sell 100 bottles to start the process. Give a little back the next time you hydrate, and it could save a life.

[Charity: Water]