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…It’s Things Thursday: Million Dollar Poster?

Million Dollar Poster

Remember the Million Dollar Homepage, a website where you could buy one of a million pixels at a dollar a pop that actually made the creator a millionaire in less than six months?

Well now you too can adorn your wall with a million dollars worth of entrepreneurial inspiration, thanks to the Million Dollar Poster.

Made from each and every pixel that adorned the original page, the Million Dollar Poster might not make you a millionaire, but at least it’ll bring back fond memories of how the online advertising world was before the bubble burst.

[Million Dollar Poster]

[Via: Random Good Stuff]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Twubble?


Twubble “can help expand your Twitter bubble – it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow”.

To use Twubble, simply click the “Find some friends!” button, and Twubble will search through your list of ‘friend of a friends’ to see who your Twitter friends are following that your not. Thus, the more friends that are following this new found friend, the high Twubble ranks them.

As long as you’ve already got a sizable group of friends, Twubble does a pretty good job of finding new folks for you to follow, so give it a shot and see what you come up with, because you never know what’s inside the Twubble.


…The Bubble is back?

Here Comes Another Bubble was a fantastically viral video about the Web 2.0 bubble that was taken down recently by a San Francisco photographer’s DMCA take-down notice over her ‘stolen’ image.

Thankfully, that photographer’s photo has been removed, and the video is back as v1.1:

Unfortunately for The Richter Scales, the group behind the video, their 15 minutes hasn’t exactly been profitable:

    In the week Version 1.0 was up, we sold only eight CDs of previously recorded music. That’s one CD sold per 125,000 viewers of the video. If this rate holds, the “profits” from CD sales will equal the $355 we spent making the video when Version 1.1 gets its 3.5 millionth view.

I guess DMCA notices don’t necessarily need to be correlated to lost compensation!

[The Richter Scales – Announcing “Bubble” Version 1.1]

[Via: TechCrunch]

…Dogs like bubbles?

Fetch A Bubble

Tennis balls are going out of style thanks to new scented bubble technology. Porducts like Fetch A Bubble, an automatic bubble machine that churns out chicken scented bubbles at a frantic pace, and the Bubble Buddy, a bubble gun which features flavors like peanut butter, barbecue chicken, and sizzling bacon, your pup will be entertained for hours (until he figures out that the bubbles aren’t actually floating pieces of chicken and comes back to you with those sad, puppy dog eyes). With either machines churning out thousands of bubbles per minute, it’s a set it and forget it way of keeping Fido in shape and out of your way.

[Fetch A Bubble]

[Via: The Red Ferret Journal]