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…Your watch is too sober?

Happy Hour Watch

The Happy Hour watch not only reminds you when to pop open a cold one, it also helps you get the job done with a bottle opener that’s hidden right in the buckle.

It’s the watch MacGyver, James Bond or Chuck Norris would wear if they didn’t already have much more kick-ass ways of opening bottles.

[Happy Hour Time Pieces]

…egokast shows photos and videos on your belt?


If you can’t seem to get enough people to stare at your below the belt area on your own, add the egokast to your belt and watch the eyes turn your way. The PMP features a 3.5” LCD display, SD card compatibility, functions as a standalone player, and includes a stainless steel belt buckle case to show off your photos and video to the world. Ego not included.


[Via: SCI FI Tech]