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…Domino Day is huge?

Domino Day

Domino Day 2008 was on November 15, and the Weijers Domino Productions team tried to break the current world record for domino toppling by setting up 4.5 million dominoes.

Though one of the builder challenges failed, resulting in the loss of a few dominoes, they still managed to break the record with a total fall of 4,345,027 dominoes, including challenges that broke nine other records during the day:

  • Longest Domino Spiral (200 Meters)
  • Highest Domino Climb (12 Meters)
  • Smallest Domino Stone (7 Millimeters)
  • Largest Domino Stone (4.8 Meters)
  • Longest Domino Wall (16 Meters)
  • Largest Domino Structure (25,000 Stones)
  • Fastest Topple of 30 Meters of Domino Stones (4.21 Seconds) (The sprinter Churandy Martina ran with the dominoes and achieved the time of 3.81 sec for the same distance.)
  • Largest Number of Domino Stones Resting on A Single Domino (727 Stones)
  • Largest Rectangular Level Domino Field (1 Million Stones)

Since it’s hard to imagine what 4.5 million dominoes looks like (and I’d imagine it’s impossible to imagine the sound) here’s a video from the event:

[Via: Neatorama]