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…Newegg is crazy on the inside?


AnandTech recently had a chance to go behind the scenes of Newegg’s newest New Jersey facility, and with a stated goal of getting packages into customers’ hands within two days of ordering, you can bet that there’s a fair bit of automation going on inside of this billion dollar company, which, in my opinion, makes the tour all the more interesting.

From the picker and the peanut gun to the box maker and the wizard, it’s a look at what makes Newegg tick, and also a look at the future of product management.

Plus, haven’t you always wondered what goes on after you click that “Confirm Order” button?

[AnandTech – Inside Newegg NJ]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Twubble?


Twubble “can help expand your Twitter bubble – it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow”.

To use Twubble, simply click the “Find some friends!” button, and Twubble will search through your list of ‘friend of a friends’ to see who your Twitter friends are following that your not. Thus, the more friends that are following this new found friend, the high Twubble ranks them.

As long as you’ve already got a sizable group of friends, Twubble does a pretty good job of finding new folks for you to follow, so give it a shot and see what you come up with, because you never know what’s inside the Twubble.


…Twitter is easy to understand?

Twitter MeSo you’ve seen the “Twitter Me” button in my sidebar, but aren’t quite sure what this Twitter thing is all about huh?

Well then check out this fantastic (and short) video from Common Craft called Twitter in Plain English.

It’s designed to tell you all about the micro-blogging service in words that anyone can understand, and it’ll have you joining the Twitter army (Twittarmy?) in no time.

[Via: Common Craft]

…Your Mac can be a Wiinstrument?

The Wiinstrument

The Wiinstrument is an application that allows you to connect a Wiimote and Nunchuck to your Mac via Bluetooth, and turns your Mac into a MIDI controlling machine.

After syncing the controllers to your Mac, you make music by simply moving them around. The buttons and directional pad select instruments, and the software even taps into the Wiimote’s motion sensor to vary the sound depending on the speed of your swing.

It’s still in Beta, so there are bound to be a few bugs, but with an open source code, they should get squished quickly.

Ready to rock the world?

Then give the Wiinstrument a try.


[Via: MacApper]

…It’s TGI Friday: Off The Rails?

Off The Rails

Sometimes, the simplest games are the most fun.

Off The Rails uses only five buttons, but the great graphics and simplistic gameplay will have you pumping your way through level after level.

Just remember to stay on the rails every once in a while.

[Miniclip – Off The Rails]