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…Digg users are unique?

Digg Power User

With rumors of a Digg sale swirling around the Internet, Valleywag decided to create a “typical Digg power user” to show potential buyers the type of user that they’re bidding for.

Can you digg it?

[Via: Valleywag]

…Pixish is a photo broker?


Pixish wants to connect image makers with image buyers to form a collaborative smorgasbord of creativity. It’s “a way to engage creative people online to submit, judge, and source amazing images”.

Here’s how it works:

Pixish How It Works

For artists, “Pixish is a great place to find fun projects, ideas to fuel your creativity, and great prizes to win!”

For publishers, “Pixish connects you with a vibrant community of creative people, gives you tools to engage, and helps you find brilliant original work.”