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IndieCases Makes Unique iPhone Cases

Indie Cases

IndieCases is a San Francisco based company that commissions top graphic artists to produce exclusive iPhone case designs, that are then posted to their Tumblr. Then, their community of 17,000+ followers provides feedback through likes and reblogs, and the designs that generate the most buzz are made and sold the following week. Quantities are limited to keep the selection fresh and unique, so you’re guaranteed to look good while keeping your phone protected.


…It’s Website Wednesday: PixelJam?


PixelJam makes all kinds of crazy 8-bit goodness, including games like RatMaze, where you must hunt down various types of tasty cheese as a pixelated mouse, Gamma Bros, where you help the 21hard-working duo of Buzz and Zap get home in an award winning space shooter, and Dino Run, a multiplayer game where you must run, jump and claw your way to survival.

They also host a rather cool collection of 8-bit art, let you download their original 8-bit music, and have a shop if you’d like to sport some 8-bit gear.

Plus, Format Mag has a nice little interview with the creators if you’d like to read about what inspires their pixelated creations.


[Format – PixelJam]

…Apple loves secrets?


Though Apple may not have been able to fool LG or Rebecca Runkle, they did manage to keep everyone else in the dark about the iPhone. So how do you go about keeping secret one of the biggest new releases for over two and a half years of development? For Apple, it involved bogus prototypes, press bullying and pillow talk stifling. Though difficult, it did take their buzz meter to 11, so I’m guessing all of the secrecy paid off. Will Steve Jobs be the next James Bond?

[Via: CNN]