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…Unsubscribe Me is a powerful message?

Unsubscribe Me

“Unsubscribe Me” is an Amnesty International campaign against human rights abuse in the ‘war on terror’.

Instead of PGing the message to appeal to a wider audience, AI instead chose to show the real deal, and put a performance artist through the real interrogation techniques permitted by the CIA handbook.

The first of three films is called Waiting For The Guards, and involves the artist spending six hours in a “stress position”. The pain and anguish that you hear is real, and the emotion is raw.

The end result is a video that may be disturbing to some viewers; but then again, I guess that’s the point:

How much terror are we willing to use to fight the war on terror?

[Unsubscribe Me]

…Got Milk wants you to Get The Glass?

Get The Glass!

Get The Glass! is Got Milk’s latest campaign, and consists of a commercial and an online board game.

Your goal is to help the Adachi family on their quest to break into Fort Fridge without being sent to Milkatraz.

Cute, but it looks like fun.

Got milk?

[Get The Glass!]

…Nokia is not Apple?

Nokia Open

Though it may just be the beneficiary of good timing, I’d like to think that after the whole AdWords incident, there’s a little more behind Nokia’s Open campaign.

By playing off of the recent iPhone lockdown, Nokia has positioned itself as the open platform, encouraging the now abandoned application and widget designers to code for the Nokia wonder phone instead.

We’ll have to wait and see if it works, but at least you can applaud them for quick thinking and a bit of daring creativity.

[Nokia – Open]

…Evan created the Almighty Forest?

Almighty Forrest

In addition to numerous other promotion methods, the Evan Almighty crew has started a campaign called Get On Board, designed to bring awareness to the go green movement. As part of this campaign, they’ve also started the Almighty Forest, where you can plant a virtual and a real tree for just a $5 (tax deductible) donation.

What’s interesting about the Almighty Forest is that with your tree donation, they will also include your name somewhere in the DVD. It might not make you famous, but at least you can tell your friends to start checking for you when the DVD comes out.

[Get On Board]

[Via: Treehugger]