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…Electrabel’s 2008 Pixilation was beautiful?

Electrabel 2008 Pixilation

Electrabel decided to say goodbye to 2008 in a beautiful way with a fantastic pixilation that was made with more than 288,000 individual candles, a lot of time, and a ton of creativity. Enjoy:

And if you’d like top see how they did it, check out the fantastic making-of video as well, though unfortunately it’s French with Dutch subtitles, so you may just have to guess at what they’re saying:

[Via: Drawn!]

…The Treenorah helps the religiously confused?


For those that celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah (aka Chrismukkah), it can be tough to walk the fine line between too much Christ and too much mukkah.

To help those in a religious identity crisis, the Tree Menorah (aka Treenorah) combines the essential elements of both holidays into one easy to use decoration.

Place presents under it and candles on top of it, and your best-of-both-worlds holiday will be complete.

[Prank Place – Menorah Christmas Tree]

[Via: Kitsune Noir]