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…Tamar Levine documents Hollywood?

Tamar Levine - Michael JacksonTamar Levine takes photos of the strange and interesting people that gather in front of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, pretending to be famous pop culture characters. (Spider-Man, Michael Jackson, Jack Sparrow, Luke Skywalker, Elvis Presley, Etc.)

Apparently, “these are full-time freelance careers for a fiercely territorial group of eccentrics who often take their celebrity alter-egos with them well after they’ve left Hollywood Blvd”.

Definitely a must see gallery.

[Flickr – Hollywood Blvd. Characters]

[Tamar Levine Photography]


…Will Farrell is Semi-Pro?


I like that Will Farrell has reached a point in his career where he can sell a movie by basically saying not much more than the fact that he is going to be in it.

Here’s to stardom:

…It’s Britney, Bitch?

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been through a lot. From school girl sensation to sex symbol to scandalous outings to shaved heads to sometimes mother, she has definitely worn a lot of hats.

Unfortunately for Britney, this also means that her career has already done a full rise and fall, and she is now at the tail end of what can only be described as a very headline worthy few years.

Can she bounce back, or is the Spears ship sunk?

Only time will tell.

[The Devolution Of Britney Spears: From Pop Star To Celebrity Trash In Less Than 7 Years]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Hollywood Stock Exchange?

Hollywood Stock Exchange

Think you know Hollywood? Then prove it.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange (aka The Entertainment Market) allows you to “buy shares of your favorite actors and their new movies”. Based on the success of their career and the success of each movie, values rise and fall, soaring with a blockbuster opening and plummeting with a “bomb no one goes to see”.

Insider trading is encouraged, so you can utilize any entertainment news, insider info, and tools of the trade that you think will help you make buys. Then, as you build up your portfolio, you can trade your ‘cash’ for prizes.

Do you have what it takes?

[Hollywood Stock Exchange]

…Taylor Swift likes Tim McGraw?

DYH’s song of the day: Taylor Swift’s Tim McGraw. At just 17, she’s got quite the career ahead of her still, or she could go the Britney Spears route, though I do hope for the former.

[Taylor Swift]