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…It’s Website Wednesday: Homestar Runner?

Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner is a classic already, but if you haven’t yet seen it, today is the day (you needed a new Internet addiction anyways, right?). Based around an ever growing collection of Flash cartoons, the site features a myriad of characters and a variety of styles, including Strong Bad’s emails, Homestar Runner, the Teen Girl Squad, games, and more. Usually the stories involve “absurd humor with references to 1980s and 1990s pop culture, notably video games, classic television and popular music”, with a definite emphasis on the absurd. It took a few viewings for me to really get into it and start to understand the humor, but it was definitely worth every minute. The site is filled with so many quotables, you’re going to need to abandon all hope of ever talking the same way again after you enter. It’s worth it though, because once you go Homestar, you never go back. It’s dot com.

[Homestar Runner]

[Wikipedia – Homestar Runner]

…It’s Movie Monday: Rube Goldberg?

Today’s Movie Monday is a compilation of the top ten (as voted upon by a panel consisting of myself) Rube Goldberg machines ever created (and posted on YouTube). For those of you who don’t know, Rube Goldberg machines are “exceedingly complex devices that perform simple tasks in very indirect and convoluted ways”, and are an idea originally conceived by Rube Goldberg, a famous cartoonist. The only qualification for the list was that it had to use real objects, because a computerized Rube Goldberg machine is just plain cheating. Enjoy.

10. Tim Fort’s Kinetic Art – Though mostly a dominoes device, the sheer magnitude of this creation earned it a spot on the list.

9. Ramen Noodle Machine – Since Ramen Noodles are supposed to be an easy and quick meal, the idea of making it as complex as possible put this on the list.

8. Beer Pouring Machine – Who said beer drinking is only for the lazy?

8.5 (Honorable Mention). Beer Pouring Machine From Waiting – Good, but I just wish it were a little bit longer.

7. Office Place Contraption – I love all of the everyday objects used in this one.

6. Jackass 2 Alternate Ending – This one’s great because it used real people.

5. Mythbusters Machine – I love this show, and these guys put some great stuff into their machine.

4. Sticks And Stones – This one’s great because it only uses things that can be found in nature.

4.5 (Bonus). Sticks And Stones How To – A how to guide to the previous machine.

3. Alarm Clock – Not only does this machine wake you up, it also does your chores and cooks you breakfast. Can you ask for more than that?

2. Pitagora Suicchi – The best of a Japanese show about Rube Goldberg machines. Some of these are so unique.

And the number one Rube Goldberg machine of all time is…

1. Honda’s Cog Commercial – Honda spent a reported million dollars to get all of these parts from a Honda Accord to link together, and the results are amazing. Keep in mind, these are actual parts and no editing was used to make all of this work together.

So there you have it. A top ten to top all top tens. What did you think? Did you agree with my choices? Is there a machine you can’t believe I left out? I’d love to see some more great machines, so let me know.

[Wikipedia – Rube Goldberg]

…Hotel rooms can look like cartoons?

Cartoon Hotel

This room may look like it belongs in a cartoon, but it’s actually a real room in the Arte Luise Kunsthotel art hotel. Called Comic, it’s “a dollhouse-like, comic book room with papaya green walls, a sunny yellow rug, a lilac bed and a pink cupboard”. How does this room achieve its deception of the eye? “A characteristic touch is that every corner and angle is outlined with a thin, hand-drawn, black line – whether on the ceiling, on the bed, or around a plug”. Spongebob pajamas not included.

[Arte Luise Kunsthotel]

[Via: Boing Boing]

[Arte Luise Kunsthotel]


…Line Rider lets you play as the snow?


Line rider isn’t so much a game as it is a really entertaining way to pass a few minutes of your life away. There’s no way to win, but for some reason it is fun to play and see if you can do “better” than you did the last time. Simply draw a line on the page using the pencil tool, press the play button, and a small child will sled his way down your newly created mountainside. Set up jumps, slam him into walls, or just give him a lazy ride down the slope, the choice is yours. Nothing says fun like slamming a cartoon sleder into a freshly drawn snow wall.

[Line Rider]

[Via: The Presurfer]