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…Price Protectr wants to save you money?

Price Protectr

Many stores (Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Office Max, Sears, Target to name a few) have a policy where you can receive cash back if they lower their price within 30 days of your purchase, but most customers have no idea. Price Portectr want to change that by making it easy to keep track of changing prices and potential savings. When you buy something online, simply enter the URL of the item into their site, and they’ll email you if the price drops within 30 days. It’s a great way to get a little extra cash back, and it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to loose (except 30 days of worrying weather or not you got the best deal).

[Price Protectr]

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…It’s Website Wednesday: Jellyfish Smack Shopping?

Jellyfish Smack Of The Day

Jellyfish Smack iPod

Jellyfish offers a unique way to buy products called Smack Shopping. Each day, a variety of items (usually tech related, but sometimes it’s anything goes) are sold in a type of Dutch auction where the price starts out at retail and continues to drop until the limited number of items for sale sell out. The drawback is that you pay the full amount, and then after 60 days Jellyfish cuts you a check for the amount of savings you bought in at, so it takes a while to receive your savings. The upside is that you can usually get some pretty good deals on items that usually don’t go on sale, such as iPods, PS3s, XBOX 360s, MacBooks, etc. I’ve actually used the service myself, and saved 37.31% ($130.21) on a brand new 80GB iPod, so I can definitely attest to the fact that the service worked. A brand new iPod arrived at my door shortly after the purchase, and I received a check for the cash back amount after waiting through the required wait period. If you don’t want to purchase that day’s Smacks, you can also try to guess the final amount of savings and earn points towards a Smack Piggyback where you can buy one product at the top discount after the Smack has finished. If you’re looking to score some great deals, or if you’re a fan of sites like Woot! And macZOT!, then definitely give Jellyfish a shot, you never know what you’re going to find.

[Jellyfish: Smack Shopping]

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