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…You can be James Bond?

Casino Royale

Bond. James Bond. With the upcoming release of Casino Royale, there is sure to be plenty of 00 Envy going around. DYH is here to help, with a how-to guide on being the man, the myth, the Bond.

Bond Tux

First things first, you can’t play the part if you don’t look the part, so you’re going to need to dress for the occasion. When it comes to style, nothing says suave, sophisticated, debonair and Bond like a tuxedo. James does his in a very classic style, with a black tux, white shirt, and black bow tie. Presentation is key with a black tie tux, so make sure you’re looking clean cut before you even think of stepping out the door.

Bond Girls

Of course, no Bond is complete without Bond Girls. In this case, it’s the lovely Eva Green (Vesper Lynd) and the stunning Caterina Murino (Solange). A Bond Girl needs to be smart, sophisticated, quick on her feet, and handy with a gun. She also needs to be disposable, because no Bond Girl ever makes a repeat performance.

Walther P99

Since you’re going to be looking good, people are going to notice. If the wrong people start to notice, make sure you’re packing some heat. Bond’s firearm of choice is the Walther P99. Designed to be light and compact, it’s perfect for concealment, and packs a punch with 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition on tap. Also favored by Bond is the Walther PPK, an older, but still formidable choice when facing off against the likes of Jaws and Goldfinger, so it ought to be more than enough for your secret agent duties.

Smirnoff Bond

Of course there’s the drink, a martini, shaken, not stirred. To make your own, just mix 1 ¼ oz. Smirnoff Vodka with a splash of dry vermouth, add ice, shake well, and strain into a chilled martini glass garnished with a lemon twist. Though I’m sure you can make it with other (any) vodkas, Smirnoff paid a pretty penny to be the official alcohol of Casino Royale, so I guess they’re due at least a mention.

If you want to keep things a little more lowbrow, you can always pick up a Heine, as Heineken has made itself the official beer of Casino Royale. A beer might not have the pizzazz of a martini, but it’s sure to bring out your spy like swagger just as quickly.

Aston Martin DB9

You’re not exactly going to bike around with a license to kill, so you’ve got to get your hands on a killer set of wheels. Bond loves Aston Martins, and for good reason. They’re fast, sexy, and covert, just like our favorite agent. His latest whip is the DBS, a V12 monster pushing 500hp in the DBRS9 spec-racer version that Bond gets his hands on. Complete the Bond theme and get yours in the exclusive exterior color, “Casino Ice”, a graphite grey with a blue tint. You might want to take some driving lessons before getting behind the wheel of this beast though. Bond set a world record in his, completing seven cannon rolls during one of the stunts.


When you’re not chasing down the bad guys and you just want some wheels with a classic appeal, find yourself a DB5, the original Bondmobile that makes a reappearance in the current installment.

Spirit 54

When dry land is no longer required, hit the seas on a Spirit 54 by Spirit Yachts. This 54’ wooden sailboat has both the luxury and the speed of every agent’s dreams, and is sure to Bondify your sailing experience.


If all else fails, you can always dial a taxi, just make sure you do it with your James Bond limited edition silver Sony Ericsson K800 or K790 camera phone. Just like the M600 Bond uses in the casino, these phones feature a camera, 3G connectivity, and enough style to make your other ear jealous.


When you’re ready to check mission briefings, snap some photos, or download those secret files you’ve finally infiltrated, check with Sony for their latest 007 gear. In celebration of the 21st Bond flick, Sony is releasing limited edition Bond-branded versions of their VAIO TX, VAIO UX, DSC-T50, and 1GB USB Micro Vault Flash Drive.

Sony Bond

Featuring logos, serial numbers, and stylish aluminum attaché cases, spy gear never looked so good.

Casino Royale Strategy Game

Lastly, practice makes perfect, so be sure to polish your spy skills with the Casino Royale Strategy Game. Your job is to assume the responsibility of an MI6 team leader, find the briefcase of terrorist funds before Le Chiffre’s henchmen do, and escape from the airport unscathed. It’s a tough one, but no one said this spy stuff was going to be easy.

With the style, gadgets, and skills of Bond on your side, even the most mundane tasks can take on a level of spy-like secrecy never before imagined. Just be sure to watch out for the double cross, because no one wants to go out like that.

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