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…Looking Thru The B-Sides trippy?

Looking Thru The B-Sides

Looking Thru The B-Sides is an AWESOME stop motion short that follows the adventures of a skater named “ollie” as he is off on a quest to find his lost skateboard. What starts off as a casual trip to the skatepark, turns into a wild trip down the rabbit hole and ends up in a way that Alice In Wonderland could never imagine.

[Fuel TV – B-Sides Via: Golden Lucky]

…The Tie shows off your love of music?

The Tie

Make casual Fridays even more casual with “The Tie” from Anton Repponen.

Sadly, it’s just a concept illustration for now, but hopefully with a little promotion from the blog world, he’ll find a company that’s interested in producing his fantastic idea.

[Anton Repponen]

[Via: Book Of Joe]