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…EGPApparel is a new way to play?

EGPApparelIf you happen to be shopping for shirts inside of a Target, then be sure to stop by the EGPApparel section, because they’re selling shirts that not only feature artwork from Experimental Gameplay Project games, they actually feature the games themselves on a CD that comes with each one.

Supporting indie game developers and getting a unique looking shirt out of the deal; all at the same time?

I’ll take two.


[Experimental Gameplay Project]

[Via: Tcritic Via: Kevin Allen Jr.]

…Grand Theft Auto is special?

Grand Theft Auto

Usually around the third or fourth iteration of a popular game, the designers decide that there are enough fans to warrant a special collector’s edition.

Though collector’s editions usually filled with a bunch of stuff that no one needs, they’re gobbled up by hard-core fans that want to raise their 1337 level by a few points at the next gaming get-together.

Apparently Grand Theft Auto has reached that point, because with the release of GTAIV coming up, they’ve announced a pre-orderable special edition that comes with a metal safety deposit box, special packaging, an art book with never-before-seen production artwork, a soundtrack CD filled with exclusive material, a Rockstar keychain, and a duffel bag to hold it all. Plus, order through Amazon, and you’ll even get a Liberty City license plate to round out the collection!


…Vonnegut Dollhouse comes with its own dollhouse?

Vonnegut Dollhouse CD

If the music industry spent as much time innovating as they do interrogating, they might actually start selling some CDs.

Take, for example, the packaging that Rethink created for Vonnegut Dollhouse. By turning the package into a piece of art, they managed to create something that can’t be replicated by a digital download.

Suddenly, paying for the CD doesn’t seem like a bad proposition after all.

If only all companies thought this way.


[Via: The Serif]

…CDs need more holes?

CD Hole Art

The hole in the center of each CD/DVD has for too long gone unnoticed. Thankfully, one creative artist has given this hole the recognition it deserves with these very original designs. Holey art, anyone?

[The Hole In CDs]

[Via: UNEASYsilence]