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…Robbie Maddison is a Crusty Demon?

Crusty Demons

At the Crusty Demons Night of World Records, six new records were set, including Robbie Maddison setting the longest distance ever jumped on a motorcycle record with 351 feet.

To put that in perspective, he hit the ramp at over 100 mph, and rose more than 70 feet in the air before heading back towards Earth.

Other records broken include the longest backflip ramp to ramp by Cameron Sinclair at 129 feet, 7 inches, the longest mini bike distance jump by Brent Brady at 104 feet 7 inches, the longest distance jump ramp to ramp by a quad by John Guetter at 176 feet 11 inches, the most swords swallowed by Chayne Hultgren at 17, and the heaviest weight lifted while swallowing a sword by Cheyne again at 20.1kg.

It must have been quite a night!

[Crusty Demons]

[Via: Autoblog]