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…It’s Website Wednesday: Pencil Rebel?

Pencil Rebel

Grzegorz Kozakiewicz’s Pencil Rebel is made with “Interactive Mixed Media Web Design”, which basically means that he takes cardboard, clay, and whatever else he can find lying around the house and turns it into a website.

Forget Web 2.0; this is Web 0.5, but it’s fantastic, and it shows what’s possible with a ton of imagination, a fair amount of skill with an X-acto knife, and lots and lots of patience.

The goal is to work your way through the puzzle, finding places and secrets along the way, but the journey is definitely greater than the goal, and you’ll enjoy the neat little touches that he added in along the way.

[Pencil Rebel]

…Mr. Potatohead has been mashed?

Mr. PotatoMash

Ashley is a Mr. Potatohead masher.

By combining the spud with a little bit of clay and some imagination, each design takes on a life of its own.

The custom designs, based off of movie, TV, and pop culture icons, take between one and seven hours to make, and are often destroyed after being photographed.

Just don’t say the words “twice baked” around them, or they’ll get upset.

[Mr. PotatoMash]