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…Claytorial wants to help you understand?


Claytorial is the claymation version of Common Craft, and their goal is to “help people understand complicated things”.

Their first demo is for a magazine called More2Girls, and it shows off what they’ve got in store, though I can’t wait to see what they can with a concept like the Google spider, which is currently in their upcoming section.

For now though, it’s a great start, and a good look at an area that I think we’ll see a lot of in the coming year. (Explanations for complex technologies and services in simple and easy to understand ways.)


…It’s Movie Monday: Off The Rails?

Off The Rails

Darcy Prendergast’s Off The Rails is a fantastic short about “all the crazy people met on public transportation”.

It’s done in stop motion claymation, and the lighting, tone, and color are all fantastically original and engaging.

Since Off The Rails has been on YouTube since October of ’06, but has only managed a mere 20,000+ views, I’m going to call it an undiscovered gem of the ‘Tubes.


…Adi Dassler has quite a history?


Do you know your Adidas history?

Did you know that Adidas was owned and founded by a man named Adi Dassler?

In case you didn’t, Adidas wants to give you a full rundown of the story, though with their beautiful combination of stop motion, claymation, and video inlays, it’s definitely worth the time it takes to sit through a bit of an Adidas history lesson.

And here you thought it stood for All Day I Dream About Sex.

[Adi Dassler]

[Via: Why Me?]