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…It’s Website Wednesday: ClearlyClosed?


ClearlyClosed is a rather uniquely focused website the “captures storefronts in everyday neighborhoods that leave their ‘open’ sign on long after they’re closed”.

ClearlyClosed Sample

Since it’s a user-driven, collaborative and ongoing community photography project, you’re encouraged to submit your own photos that show buildings around you that are clearly closed, and there are even tips and guidelines for doing so if this is something you’d like to document too.

[Clearly Closed]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Bridges can be built quickly?

Over Labor Day weekend, the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge was closed in both directions while crews replaced a football field sized chunk of it.

The 6,500-ton section took months to build and days to install, but you can watch the install happen in just seconds thanks to the wonders of time-lapse.

My favorite part? Watching how often large groups of workers are just standing around and talking.

Or is that called supervising?

[San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Update Video]

[Via: Boing Boing]