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…It’s Movie Monday: Another Cloud Reel?

Another Cloud Reel by Ben Wiggins shows the beauty that is hidden in the movement of clouds, as revealed by timelapse photography, and combines it with the natural beauty of San Francisco to create a stunning montage:

…The clouds glow at night under airplanes?

Glowing Night Video

On a recent flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco, Flickr user Ettubrute noticed that the night lights from the cities were flowing beneath the clouds and making them glow in a spectacular and ethereal way: “It was really seeing the impact of urban environments from a different perspective.”

To capture and share this experience, he set up an improvised stabilizer mound out of bags, pillows and blankets for the camera to sit on, and took about three hours of photographs that he condensed into about a minute of time lapse video.


[Via: Kottke]

…You can play with the sky?


Here’s an interesting photo idea: Use clouds in your photos.

Called SKYplay, it “depicts a composition dominated by use of the sky & real clouds at that moment with another object”.

Basically, the next time you see a cool cloud formation, bring out the camera and incorporate it into your photo.

Click the link for more examples.

[Flickr – SKYplay]

[Via: Digg]