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…Armadillo Scooterwear is tough?

Armadillo Scooterwear is designed to handle anything the world can throw at it, so they put a stunt rider through a series of bizarre accidents, including getting caught in an explosion and getting pied in the face by an evil clown, to show just how tough their stuff really is:

[Armadillo Scooterwear]

…You need to offset the evil?

Offset The Evil

Apparently Sega has decided that their new game, Condemned 2, is so evil, that if you’re going to play it, you need to offset that evil by visiting a site filled with ponies, clowns, rainbows and happiness.

I guess we’re all safe then…right?

[Offset The Evil]


…Contact Juggling is beautiful?

Contact Juggling is “a form of object manipulation that focuses primarily on the movement of objects such as balls in permanent contact with the body”. Bodyrolling, Palmspinning, and Isolationism are the three main schools of technique, and thankfully, none of schools requires clown costumes and flaming swords like normal juggling does. Think you can handle it?

[Contact Juggling]

[Wikipedia – Contact Juggling]