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…CNN puts you in the middle of the action?

To help us understand and experience what’s going on in Haiti as they recover from the devastating earthquake that destroyed Port-au-Prince recently, CNN is using 360° cameras to capture footage that can then be manipulated by the viewer, allowing you to pan and zoom around the scene as if you were there.
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…Jesus was held hostage?

CNN Jesus

CNN used to be the place to go for news that mattered, but it’s now (sadly) become the place to go for sensationalized, tabloid worthy garbage.

The following video is a perfect example of the type of ‘crap’ that CNN now reports on:

When the reporter started to read the ransom note, I actually fell out of my chair from laughing so hard.

Poopie from your wieners?

Wiener poopie?


CNN, how far you’ve fallen.

[Via: CNN]

…Websites are starting to jump the shark?

You were doing so well.

You had plenty of visitors, you had tons of interesting content, and you had everyone wanting to be you.

Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. You let it get to your head, and now, your credibility is fading fast.

What happened?

You jumped the shark.

Yes, I’m talking to you Perez Hilton, CNN and eBaum. You too AOL, MySpace and Ain’t It Cool News; don’t think you can escape.

You jumped the shark, and now Holy Taco has added you to a list of eight websites that jumped the shark for the whole world to see; because sometimes, you just have to call shenanigans.

[Holy Taco – Eight Websites That Jumped The Shark]