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…Louis Vuitton is making a Stephen Sprouse Skateboard?

Stephen Sprouse Skateboard

In honor of their new Stephen Sprouse collection, Louis Vuitton is turning their boutique on SoHo’s Greene Street into a Stephen Sprouse store, complete with a vinyl wrap, spray painted neon graffiti on the façade, and a 6-foot neon light installations in the display window that will feature Sprouse’s Rose motif. Inside, the interior will feature black brick wall facing, and will be sprayed with the same neon graffiti.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the launch however will be the sale of a limited edition Stephen Sprouse graffiti skateboard that was created for the event, replete with a hard case monogram skateboard trunk and a price tag of $8,250.

Don’t expect these boards to set foot on the local skate parks and streets any time soon though, as Louis Vuitton expects collectors to grab up all three of the limited edition boards rather quickly.

[Via: WWD]

…It’s Things Thursday: Family Guy?

Family Guy Logo

Family Guy sure does love the special edition.

First, there was the Freakin’ Party Pack that featured Family Guy Volumes 1-6, Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin, themed ping pong paddles, a ping pong net, ping pong balls, poker chips and playing cards.

Now, there’s the Blue Harvest Special Edition, featuring a DVD of the double-length Very Special Episode that was a full-scale spoof of George Lucas’ saga, plenty of DVD special features, a collector’s t-shirt, 3D glasses, collector’s trading cards, and a 20-page “Art of Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest” booklet.

Can there be too much Family Guy?

(No; The answer to that question is no.)

…It’s Website Wednesday: Joshua Budich’s Star Wars Collection?

Star Wars Collection

Joshua Budich’s Star Wars Collection is a work of art.

Each figure has its own GIF image, and each GIF image links to a corresponding picture of the actual figure, as well as a full rundown of the specific series.

If looking at every figure is too much to handle, then you can sort by series, assortment, movie and year.

Why the madness?

    Being a “collector” defines who I am, and the process has been a memorable one not just for me, but also for my loved ones.”

So there.

[Joshua Budich – Star Wars Collection]

…I Am Plastic is a book about toys?

I Am Plastic

“Kidrobot is planet Earth’s premier creator & retailer of limited edition toys, clothing, mini-figures, artwork & books”. That’s quite a statement. It’s no surprise then that he’s the man behind a new book about the explosive growth of the designer toy industry. Originating from Hong Kong, these made by artists, collected by everyone toys have formed their own haute culture in less than a decade. I Am Plastic, by Kidrobot founder and creative director Paul Budnitz, is a comprehensive visual history of the phenomenon. Including 360 color pages with 100s of toys from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Frank Kozik, Mori Chack, Gary Baseman, Pete Fowler, Junko Mizuno and many more, this book is the perfect resource for both the curious newcomer and the avid collector.

[Kid Robot]

[Via: Cool Hunting]