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…It’s Things Thursday: Field Notes?

Filed Notes Subscription

Field Notes are “honest memo books, worth fillin’ up with good information”.

They were inspired by

the vanishing subgenre of agricultural memo books, ornate pocket ledgers and the simple, unassuming beauty of a well-crafted grocery list.

Though normally available with a brown cover, Field Notes offers a ‘Colors’ subscription service for those that want to add some variety, and want to make sure they always have a fresh Fields Notes book on hand.

The subscription service includes 24 very-limited-edition memo books (only 100 subscriptions are available) spread out over the year in four different colors/styles. For summer, the color is “Grass Stain Green”, while Fall, Winter and Spring of 2009 still remain gigantically top secret.

If you’re the type of person that likes to write everything down, but you like to do it with style, sophistication and exclusivity, then check out Field Notes and pick up a subscription.

[Field Notes]

…Nixon is making headphones?

Nixon Headphones

Nixon has long been known for their unique line of affordable luxury watches, but now they’re taking their eye for design and branching out into the world of headphones.

Available styles include the Master Blaster, which is an over-ear, studio quality headphone designed for the audio aficionado, the Nomadic, which is an on-ear, collapsible headphone that’s perfect for the frequent traveler, and the Wire, an in-ear headphone that is available with a mic as an alternative to the iBuds for iPhone users interested in moving away from the standard Apple offerings.

Each style is available in a number of different colors and fabrics, and all are sure to set you apart from the crowd.

[Nixon – Headphones]

…Nintendo loves color?


As Nintendo evolved, so did its color palette. When the original NES launched in 1985, it drew from a palette of just 53 colors. Now, with the release of the Wii, games can choose between 16.7 million colors, and are capable of mimicking the colors found in the real world. COLOURlovers’ article is an interesting examination of Nintendo through the ages (and colors), and is a great read for game heads and history buffs alike.

[COLOURlovers – Following Nintendo Through The Ages (And Colors)]

…Pi is a very beautiful number?


If you take the numbers that make up Pi, convert each number into a color, and then write (color) out the digit in a repeating pattern, you get what looks like a scrambled TV set. It’s beautiful in a chaotic sort of way, and is a great demonstration of the true randomness of the number.

[Via: Flickr]

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