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…George Carlin has died?

George Carlin

Sadly, the best comedian to ever stand on stage has left us; so in George Carlin’s honor, I’d just like to say…Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits.

RIP George.

…Joe Rogan is funny?

Joe RoganOn Saturday, I went to see Joe Rogan do stand-up at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, and I must say, he definitely brought it strong.

Ari Shaffir opened, and as usual, was great with his heaping helping of race related laughs.

Then Joe took the stage, and proceeded to make magic happen for the rest of the night. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in quite a while.

If Joe makes his way to your area, be sure to check him out, because The Man Show hosting, UFC announcing, Fear Factor cheering, Carlos Mencia bashing comedian has got it going on right now.

[MySpace – Joe Rogan]


…Nick Thune was on Leno?

Nick Thune, the featured comic on tonight’s Leno, was surprisingly funny. Since I had never heard of him before, I wasn’t sure what to make of the strummed guitar and unique style, but he was definitely king of the one liner. Keep an eye out, I see big things coming Thune.

Here he is in a short called Phone Tag:

And an example of his comedic style:[Nick Thune]

[MySpace – Nick Thune]

…Marc Horowitz spent seven days in a Nissan Sentra?

Seven Days In A Sentra

Seven Days In A Sentra is, as far as I can tell, Nissan’s attempt to go viral with their advertising (since anything with a MySpace page attached is probably an attempt at viral marketing). The premise is that Marc Horowitz, comedian extraordinaire, lived for seven days in a Nissan Sentra (hence the title). It wouldn’t be much of a project if Marc didn’t have some rules established, so he set up the following:

  1. I must live 7 straight days out of my Sentra. I am free to come and go from the Sentra as I please.
  2. I must not return to my apartment at any point during the 7 days.
  3. I must assume my normal day-to-day responsibilities including work and all scheduled client meetings.
  4. I must personally prepare at least 4 meals within the immediate vicinity of my Sentra.
  5. I must go on at least one date. Hopefully more.
  6. I must not let anyone else drive my car for the 7 days.
  7. I must sleep in a different location each night. Once the location is chosen I must not move from it.
  8. I must not set foot outside of my car for any reason from 12am to 5am.
  9. I must host at least 2 social functions in my Sentra. One must be on or after Day 6.
  10. I must maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene.

It pretty much goes as you’d expect, with “random” comedic occurrences and a string of successes leading Marc towards his goal (does seven days even count as a goal? I call that a vacation), but there are some entertaining moments along the way, so it’s definitely worth a look. Plus, if it’s supposed to be viral, I’ve just passed it on, so it looks like it’s working. You want an eggroll?

[Seven Days In A Sentra]

[MySpace – Seven Days In A Sentra]