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…Popdeck is great for custom skateboards?


Popdeck is “the first design community just for skateboarders”.

Like Threadless, Popdeck lets designers upload their designs to the site, and then users can vote on them to select the winners. Unlike Threadless, winning designs end up becoming limited edition skateboard decks that probably aren’t as comfortable to wear as a t-shirt would be.

Each deck is hand numbered, and if you’re going to buy a board anyways, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want one that looks good and isn’t owned by every kid on the block.


…The Free Ride is a pen from the future?

Free Ride

If the ballpoint Bic isn’t your cup o’ tea, then check out the Free Ride pen by Jean-Pierre Lepine.

Designed to be “a blend of the ergonomic, the comfortable and the beautiful”, it’s as much of a sculpture as it is a pen.

Don’t get your hopes up too much though, because despite how much this pen costs, it still can’t cure your chicken scratch handwriting.

Free Ride Colors

[Jean-Pierre Lepine – Free Ride]

[Via: Luxist]