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…The Swag Bag winner has been announced?

The Swag Bag

And the winner is…



Just to clarify my methods, I put each name that entered the contest into an Excel spreadsheet (there were 6 names) in the order that they commented. (stephen first, superdude4agze second, etc.)

Then, I created a formula to randomly pick a number between 1 and 7 (1.00->6.99). The formula was RAND()*(7-1) 1. The number that it came up with was 4.1001456. Thus, since the whole digit was 4, wendy_q420 was the winner, as she was the fourth person to comment.

If anyone sees any fault with the above logic, please let me know, and I’ll draw again. Otherwise, keep an eye out for the next Swag Bag giveaway!

…It’s TGI Friday: The Swag Bag?

The Swag Bag

For today’s TGI Friday, I’m going to give away the first of what I’m going to call ‘The Swag Bag’. (If I can find a way of doing this on a regular basis.)

The Swag Bag will be filled with various things from various companies, and though it might not have a high financial value, it will be free, so no complaining.

This weeks bag features Mimoco and Design By Humans.

To enter, just comment on this post with one thing that you either like or don’t like about DYH.

On Sunday, I’ll randomly select one of the comments, and that author will win the bag. (Keep in mind that to ship this, I will need your address, so you must be willing to give that up; though I won’t know the difference between a real and a fake name, so you can at least keep that one a secret if you wish.)

Now stop reading and start commenting!

…It’s TGI Friday: Beer?

Imperial Russian Stout Pipeline Porter

Free Stuff Friday is back, and this time, I’m giving away a $10 iTunes gift card to one lucky winner (which is coincidentally just enough to buy the DYH iMix 04.07 if you so choose). To enter, just add a comment to this post with the name of your favorite beer. Not only will this earn you an entry into the contest, it will also add $.50 to the Comment Charity total as a way of saying thanks for your time.

Don’t drink beer? No problem; just comment with the name of your favorite beer alternative (soda, coffee, water, wine, etc.) and you’ll also be entered.

Though my all-time favorite would have to be Stone’s Imperial Russian Stout, I’m currently digging the wonderful Pipeline Porter that Kona recently released.

As usual, the contest will run through Sunday, so you have plenty of time to pick a favorite (or make one up if you don’t already have one) and type it into the comment box.

A few minutes of your time in exchange for a chance at a few free songs? Sounds like a good deal to me. Cheers.

iMix 04.07

…It’s TGI Friday: iTunes Gift Card Giveaway?

iTunes Gift Card

As announced previously, TGI Friday is going to be a way of ending the week on a fun note. For the inaugural TGI Friday, DYH is giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card to one lucky reader. To enter, just leave some sort of comment on this post (simple, right?). It can be anything, from a name to a link (keep it SFW) to a shoutout, just make sure you’re on here. Registration closes at midnight PST, and then one commenter will be picked at random and will win the gift card. To keep things interesting, you’ll be given an additional entry for each person that mentions your commenting name (the ID you choose when you registered with DYH) in their comment, so spread the word and increase your chances. You could be downloading your own legal copy of the Ok Go’s Here It Goes Again treadmill video in no time.