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WilliamsWarn Is Personal Brewery For Beer Lovers


The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery is the world’s first all-in-one personal brewery that goes from ingredients to cold, clear, perfectly carbonated and commercial quality beer in just seven days.

With the right ingredients, you can make all 78 official beer styles, and you also have the option of developing your own if you’re feeling adventurous.

It’s not cheap, and will set you back a few Clevelands, but how many people can claim to own their own home brewery?


…The world is made of paper?

If you had to draw the world around you, it would apparently look a little something like this commercial:

(Though if I had to draw the world around me using just my existing drawing talent, I’m guessing it would look nothing like that world once I was done with it!)

[Via: Like Cool]

…It’s Movie Monday: Choices?

Choices is a fantastic commercial for United Way Romania that shows the effects of the little decisions that we make every day, and how they can lead us (or others) down a path that we’d never expect:

The entire spot was actually made with paper cut outs, and they made a short ‘making of’ video to show you how:

…You need to think differently?

Apple’s Think Different commercial is probably one of the most inspiring 60 seconds ever captured on film:

A few weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that if I listened to the Think Different ad every day, I’d probably do some amazing things with my life, so I created a ringtone out of the 30-second Seinfeld version that can be used as an alarm on any iPhone. Now, before starting each day, I can wake with inspiration to Think Different, and remind myself that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. (If you’re wondering, I used this GarageBand Hack to make the ringtone.)

If you’d like to share in my inspiration, just download the ringtone HERE and add it to your phone through iTunes. From there, it should automatically show up as an available alarm sound.

…PCs need a lot of legal copy?

Legal Copy

You’ve probably seen the latest round of Mac vs. PC ads, in which the PC character starts talking about the benefits of PCs, but legal copy covers the screen as he speaks. If not, here’s the ad:

As you can imagine, it’s pretty difficult to read what it says during the :30 seconds that the spot airs, but for the curious, MacJournals has transcribed the entire thing (from the HD version of the clip) and posted it for the world to see.

Here’s a preview:

Although broken into paragraphs here, it’s presented in one long fully justified typographical nightmare on screen in four separate chunks. The first appears when Hodgman-as-PC says he’s “an incredibly easy to use PC:”
Please note that when you first receive your PC there is some suggested work that needs to be done before PCs can perform at their peak. These steps include, but are not limited to, downloading and installing necessary drivers for peripherals. These drivers may include printers, scanners, cameras, storage devices, music players, and other media devices. There may be more depending on your needs. It is also recommended that first time users remove all unneeded bloatware and remove all operational components.

For the rest of the text, check out the MacJournals link.

[MacJournals – Legal Copy]