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…Rampenfest is going to be impressive?

The Ramp

Someone owes the BMW ad guys a congratulations, because “Rampenfest” looks fantastic.

The premise is that a Bavarian town called Oberpfaffelbachen is going “to celebrate the launch of the new BMW 1-Series in America” by constructing “a gigantisch Ramp to launch a BMW 1-Series into America.” The ramp “stands and impressive 454 meters – tall enough to launch a 300-horsepower 1-Series over the Atlantic and into America!”

For more details, check out the Oberpfaffelbachen site, as well as the Rampenfest documentary site, and get ready to witness history being made.



…The Facebook Page is growing?


Last week I announced the launch of the Facebook Page, and since then, 25 people have already signed up to be fans, which is fantastic, so a big thanks to everyone who joined!

I also announced that I would be picking out one fan at random and giving them a $10 Amazon Gift Card, so thanks to the magic of Excel’s =rand() function, Alice Chang has been selected. Congratulations!

If you haven’t already done so, then check out the Facebook Page and click “Become a Fan”. I’ll be doing exclusive content and contests there just for the Facebook Fans, as well as adding games and more to interact with on the page, so it should be fun.

See you there!

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