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…Laura doesn’t like Damien Hurst?

Damien Hurst Skull Prank

If you’re artist Damien Hirst and you’ve just completed the most expensive piece of contemporary art the world has ever seen in the form of a skull covered with more than 8,000 diamonds (valued at up to $100 million), it can’t come as a surprise that some are going to be less than thrilled about it.

An artist named Laura was one of those people, and decided to show her feelings by creating a replica of the skull, covering it in 6,522 Swarovski crystals, and then dumping it behind the gallery where the original was being shown during the middle of the night. Trashy art indeed.

[Via: Boing Boing]

…Jon Burgerman makes cool wrapping paper?

Street Art Wrapping Paper

Covering your presents in street art doodles might impress the receiver of your generosity even more than what’s inside. Made from the mind of Jon Burgerman, you could even turn these into a great contemporary art style poster if you couldn’t bear to watch someone ripping apart this work or art.

[Jon Burgerman – Wrapping Paper]