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…2007 is the year of Didn’t You Hear?

2007 DYH

A new year means new features, and Didn’t You Hear is going to be adding some in the coming weeks. The first to be announced is daily content. DYH will continue to cover everything that is so hot right now, but will also be adding the following:

    Movie Monday
    A new movie, movie review, or movie preview will debut each Monday.

    Tuner Tuesday
    A new car, car tuner, or car review will debut each Tuesday.

    Website Wednesday
    A new website will debut each Wednesday.

    Things Thursday
    A new gadget, gift, or gizmo will debut each Thursday.

    TGI Friday
    Anything goes, but it will definitely be unique. Maybe a contest, maybe a giveaway, maybe just a joke to finish off the week, but definitely something interesting.

So make sure to check back daily for new stuff, because 2007 is going to be the year of Didn’t You Hear.

…MacZOT! is having a coloring contest?

Coloring Contest

MacZOT has put together a very old school contest to drum up some publicity, allowing anyone to color in Meteor by Mike Biskup, with the winner receiving an iPod Nano and a free ZOT! each month during 2007. Start your crayons.


…Threadless is having a sale?

Threadless Holiday Sale

For 30 days, Threadless will be selling off all of their current shirts for $10, and releasing 2-4 new $10 tees each day. Plus, they’re reprinting many of the classics, and holding a contest with the winner receiving every tee they print in 2007 (expected to be over 550 shirts). The last time a Threadless sale came around, I ordered a few, and I was not disappointed. Shipping was quick, the shirts are very high quality, and you can’t beat $10 a pop. Head on over and pick up a few, your closet will think you.