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…TwitterPoster ranks your tweeters?


TwitterPoster is a collection of Twitter profile pictures that have been sized according to their degree of influence on Twitter.

Though there are only three sizes, so it’s not a direct and exact representation, TwitterPoster does take into account the number of subscribers, as well as the number of tweets that each person makes, so it’s a good way to see who is utilizing the technology, and who is not.

Plus, there are different country specific posters, so you can see who’s big in Deutschland.

Did you make the cut?


[Via: Rooster’s Rail]

…The Pirate Bay wants to buy a country?


The Pirate Bay is trying to acquire its own country by purchasing Sealand, a small “island” made up of an abandoned gun battery near the UK “that was occupied, declared sovereign, and turned into an offshore data-center for sensitive information”. Kopimists can donate money to the cause with promises of “high-speed Internet access, no copyright laws, and VIP accounts to The Pirate Bay” for every citizen of Sealandia. If they can’t get enough money together for Sealand though, The Pirate Bay still promises to buy another small island somewhere and claim it as a sovereign state, so no investment goes unrewarded. I’d be interested to see just how far they could go around copyright laws if they did in fact become their own country, so donate now to a movement that could change the world.

[Buy Sealand]

[Via: Boing Boing]