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…Apple has secrets?

Leopard Icon

The icons that Apple created for its Leopard OS can be blown up to a size that is beyond what anyone can use (unless, of course, you’re using the Coverflow browser), but if you do decide to check them out in full sized glory, you’ll be greeted with a few clever surprises that the designers left in for the inquisitive user.

Click through for nine of the best.

[Usingmac.com – Leopard Coverflow – Secret Of Icons]

…BumpTop makes your computer act like your desk?

Here’s a unique interface called the BumpTop. Check it out before Apple buys it and uses it for their next iPoderation, ala CoverFlow and the two fingers zoom thing.

Bonus: Here’s why BumpTop isn’t exactly like the way you normally interact with your documents:

Double Bonus: Here’s why you don’t let the designers rap your infomercials:

[Via: Digg]