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…It’s TGI Friday: Crane Wars?

Crane Wars

Crane Wars is a beautiful looking game that puts you in charge of a crane wielding Union, and the goal is to build up your construction site with bits and pieces of skyscraper while sabotaging the opposing Scabs’ site at the same time.

The game itself runs off Unity, which is a technology that allows 3D imagery and physics to exist within a standard web browser, and as a result, plays just like a standard desktop application:

Now get out there and protect that union!

[Crane Wars]

…Basejumping is too safe for some people?

I think the problem with some people is that they just get bored too easily. These guys launch themselves into the air with a giant human slingshot, and then parachute back down to the ground. Who thought of that? Can you imagine the scene where he proposed it to his buddy? “So, I’ve got this idea. I want to catapult myself with a giant crane so that I go high enough that I can parachute back down to the ground. It’ll be like a base jump, only twice as dangerous. Think I can do it?”

[Via: Buzz Patrol]