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…You can build your own Microsoft Surface?

DIY Surface

If Microsoft’s Surface PC has you dreaming about the future of computing, but the $12,000 price tag has brought you back to reality, then check out Maximum PC’s build of a multitouch surface computer that uses just $350 in parts and a bit of creative hacking.

The whole thing achieves the Surface like interface through the use of some infrared LEDs, a PS3 Eye camera, a projector, and some acrylic, and the wood cabinet gives it some class, though that would be purely optional if you wanted to keep it geek-tastic.

The computer itself is just a common Core 2 Duo, 2 gig RAM machine, and the software is all open source, so you could technically build one of your own if you were so inclined.

Just don’t let on to the price when your friends wonder where the spare Clevelands came from.

[Maximum PC – DIY Microsoft Surface]


…It’s Things Thursday: Photojojo’s Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame?

Photojojo Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame

Photojojo’s Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame is a new way to display your photos that will definitely force you to think outside the box when behind the lens.

By taking your photos into a third dimension, the Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame allows you to get creative with what will wrap and how it will add extra depth to your ideas, and you can put photos where photos have never belonged before.

The frame itself holds up to 12 different photos, and is made of espresso stained and lacquered wood for a strong and durable finish that will look good on just about any corner.

[Photojojo – Wrap-Around-The-Corner-Frame]

…Obscura Digital augments your world?

Obscura Digital

Obscura Digital turns buildings into giant displays using synchronized HD projectors, and their latest target was the old mint building in downtown San Francisco for the YouTube Symphony.

The software that they’ve developed automatically calculates and compensates the video for distance, angle, surface, shape, brightness, picture shift, and other variables to create a seamless experience, and with some creative minds behind the end design, the result is a building that literally comes to life before your very own eyes.

See for yourself:

[Obscura Digital]

…Pretty Loaded saves you from content?

Pretty Loaded

Big Spaceship is in love with the preloader, and to share their love, has created an entire website dedicated to it called Pretty Loaded.

Once upon a time, in a land of sputtering dial-up connections, websites too ages to load. Folks yearned for the 100% mark. But as soon as that figure arrived, the beloved (or bemoaned) preloader disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. Until now.

The “museum” is a collection of Flash loading screens that play one after another (technically, each preloader preloads the next preloader), and each one features the year it was made, the client it was made for, the name of the site it loaded, the creator of the preloader, and its category.

Despite being the thing that normally holds you back from your desired content, Pretty Loaded is actually rather addictive, as each preloader is obviously well thought out, and in most cases, an apparent outlet for the creativity of whoever was stifled by the site they had to build.

Plus, Big Spaceship promises to continue adding to the infinite loader, so you can check back occasionally to see the new ones.

[Pretty Loaded]

…It’s Movie Monday: The Craft of War: BLIND?

The Craft Of War

The Craft of War: BLIND is a film made entirely within World of Warcraft.

Though that seems like it would be a very tough and creativity-limiting restriction, the end result is a fantastic bit of low-cost cinematography that would rival anything put out by a pro animation shop: