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…Thailand hates Ferraris?

Smashed Ferrari 456 GT

In Thailand, thieves steal the pieces and parts off of expensive rides, then buy what’s left at a police auction for a reduced price, reassemble, and sell the cars off for profit.

To send a message to these car launderers, the Thai government staged a smashing of a stripped Ferrari 456 GT. By bulldozing over the $1.2 million ride, they hope to show that this (very creative) type of stealing won’t be tolerated.

[Via: Wrecked Exotics]

…Sex at the movie theater can be funny?

Movie Sex

I saw Knocked Up last night (which was definitely as funny as everyone said it would be), but unfortunately, my movie theater was not as creative as some apparently are when it comes to their signage.

This picture is a clear example of what happens when you give someone too much time and too little salary.

[Via: Tech.Chick.Blog]

…Nike is going Back To School?

Nike Back To School

Nike’s “sneaker packs” are some of the most creative shoe designs out there. Take, for example, this “Back To School” package, that features “Notebook” Dunk Highs, “Elmer’s Glue” Air Max 90s, and “Crayon” Vandal Highs.

They’re not exactly subtle, but they would definitely make for a perfect first day of school pair, or a great ‘remember when’ pair to put on when you’re missing ‘the good ‘ole days’.

[Via: Nice Kicks]

…Insanely Great Tees loves the iPhone?

iPhone Contest

Insanely Great Tees wants you to make an iPhone ad, and for motivation, they’re rewarding the winner with an iPhone of their very own (and probably a little bit of Internet fame as well).

iPhone Contest How It Works

To enter, unleash your creative side and make a 30 second spot that is both funny, and includes the words “I’m an iPhone”. Other than that, the rest is up to you, though I’d suggest using puppets. Lots and lots of puppets.

[Insanely Great News – iPhone Ad Contest]