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…Blair’s 16 Million is hot?

Blair’s 16 MillionWhy would a hot sauce need a disclaimer?

Because when it’s Blair’s 16 Million Reserve, a pharmaceutical grade vial filled with pure capsaicin crystal, even a little bit is enough to kill.


When Blair sells it, he specifically states: “Blair’s 16 Million is not a sauce or an ingredient. This product is made available for experimental/display purposes only”.

So why all the fuss?

Because Blair’s 16 Million gets its name from its Scoville rating of 16 Million on the Scoville scale. (A measure of hotness.)

How hot is 16 Million?

Well, typical Tabasco sauces have a rating of 2,500-5,000; typical cayenne peppers have a rating of 30,000; and the famed habanero peppers have a rating of 100,000-350,000. Even US pepper spray only manages to reach a rating of 2,000,000-5,300,000.

As you can imagine, a sauce with a rating three times as high as pepper spray is going to pack quite a punch.

Wonder what it does to food?

The brave reviewers over at the Hot Sauce Blog put a single spec into a pot of tomato soup, and had to throw the entire thing away. And these guys review hot sauce for a living!

Ready to try some?

Too bad, because all 999 bottles have already been spoken for.

Don’t worry through, I’m sure some poor soul with a burned tongue and a light wallet will put one up on eBay soon enough, and then it will be time for your famous chili to kick it up a few notches.

Just be sure to bring plenty of milk.

And a release form.

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…Marmalade for millionaires contains more than just fruit?


Put your money where your mouth is with F Duerr & Son’s Fine Cut Seville Orange Marmalade with Whisky, Champagne and Gold. Made in celebration of F Duerr & Son’s 125th anniversary, it was designed to be the world’s most expensive marmalade, and I think it does a pretty damn good job of doing so. The fruit is of the finest Seville variety, mixed with vintage Dalmore 62 whisky from Whyte & Mackay valued at £32,000 ($60,291) per bottle, topped off with a splash of Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 1996 vintage champagne and garnished with flakes of 24-carat gold leaf. Then, the whole thing is encased in a custom-made crystal jar valued at £1,100 ($2,072) even not filled with marmalade. The resulting spread would cost £76 ($143) to cover just a single slice of toast. Just don’t expect this to show up at the continental breakfast table at your local Motel 6 any time soon.

[Orange Marmalade]

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