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…Martinis are edible?

The Edible Martini“Chef/mad scientist Dave Arnold of the French Culinary Institute has figured out how to vacuum infuse a martini inside a cucumber.”

By sucking the air out of a cucumber, you can replace that space with martini, giving you an edible martini that has the taste of a martini with the crunch of a cucumber.

[New York Times – The Edible Martini]


…Chocolate and chilies can flavor tortilla chips?

Red Fire

Red Fire Tortilla Chips by Vosges Chocolate aren’t your run of the mill, dip them in a $2 jar of salsa and call it a day type tortilla chips. Featuring organic corn tortilla chips covered in chocolate and topped with ancho and chipotle chilies, these spicy sweet treats are sure to delight with their smoky spiced-chocolate combo. Mix them with the suggested mango, hibiscus and cucumber margarita, and you’ve got yourself one lux afternoon in the making.

[Vosges Chocolate – Red Fire Tortilla Chips]

[Via: Outblush]