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…Cursor*10 is back for a 2nd Session?

Cursor*10 2nd Session

The original Cursor*10 was a very unique Flash game that required you to keep track of numerous mouse cursors at once to reach the goal, and thankfully, the team that created Cursor*10 is back with Cursor*10 2nd Session, a new version of the game that takes the same great dynamics that the first session featured and adds new levels to the mix for even more fun.

Click away:

[Cursor*10 2nd Session]

[Via: Kotaku]

…It’s TGI Friday: Chronotron?


If you liked Cursor*10, then be sure to check out Chronotron, a game that lets you interact with your past self to get through different puzzle levels.

Though Chronotron only has you interacting with one version of your past self, it adds paradoxes into the mix that throw off the space-time continuum and force you to start over.

Are you ready to go back to the future?

[Kongregate – Chronotron]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Cursor*10 is crazy?


Despite its simplicity, Cursor*10 is actually an incredibly innovative and challenging game.

To win, you must partner with yourself.

You’re given 10 cursors, and each cursor lasts for a certain amount of time. Then, on the next round, you are put in control of a brand new cursor, but your old cursor is still there, and it does the same thing that you did with it in the last round.

If it sounds confusing, that’s just because it’s difficult to explain, but once you give it a shot, you’ll quickly get the hang of it, and then you’ll soon see the genius behind the idea.

Tip: Click on the pyramids for extra points.


[Via: Kotaku]