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…The Entity is scary?

The Entity is a “fast-paced, horror-screaming, suspense-thrilling short film” that “takes you through the dark legend of an old castle haunted by visible disembodied souls”.

Apparently there’s still a few more scenes to add before the crew calls it quits, but judging by what they’ve put together so far, I’d say they’re off to a good start.

…Nerds like chocolate?

Mii Chocolates

Be nice to your nerd with a set of Chocolate Miis.

Available in either white or dark chocolate, the Paul Pape Designs Mii Chocolates are available as either boy/girl, boy/boy, or girl/girl, and come packaged in a Wii box that says “Wii belong together you and Mii” on the front.

Does a gamer’s Valentine’s Day get any better than that?

[Paul Pape Designs – Mii Chocolates]

[Via: YumSugar]

…M&M’s made a game of finding 50 dark movies in a painting?

Dark Painting

M&M’s will soon be available in a dark chocolate variety, and to advertise, they have created a game where inside of a picture there are 50 “dark” movies represented by metaphors (visual riddle). The painting is actually pretty unique and artsy looking, and it’s definitely a challenge to find all 50. If you consider yourself a movie buff, then try your hand at this game; it may be harder than you’d think.

[M&M’s Dark Chocolate Movies]

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