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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MIG-UI?

Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MIG-UI

If Darth Vader had a supercar, it would probably be this Gemballa tuned Ferrari Enzo, called the MIG-UI.

Though no official details have been released, it’s not hard to tell that this is no ordinary Enzo. For starters, there’s a custom widebody kit, a new roof scoop, and a whole collection of extra vents. Looking closer, you’ll see Porsche Carrera GT inspired exhaust tips, a custom quilted red interior, and a menacing black and white satin paint scheme that was pulled directly from the dark side.

Expect the price and the exclusivity to be stratospheric, but you’ve gotta pay if you want to play, and especially when your toy of choice is an already hyper-exclusive prancing horse.

[Via: The Real JDM]

…Vader can take over your computer speakers?

Darth Vader Speakers

The JBL Creature II speakers look a lot like a little Darth Vader helmet sitting on your desk, so one crafty techie decided to complete the transformation from speaker to Vader with a simple paper cutout and a little tape. He even provides a printable Vader so that you can transform your own speakers quickly and easily. Bonus points for breaking in your new Vader speakers with a little Star Wars theme music blaring through them.

[How To Vader-ize Your JBL Speakers]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]