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…It’s Website Wednesday: StreetArtLocator?


The StreetArtLocator (v2) helps you locate street art near you. (Considering the name, the obviousness of that statement is not lost on me…)

With specific tags for graffiti, galleries, paintings, stickers, stencils, sculptures, and installations, it’s a Google Map powered guide to the beautiful art that’s all around you for controversially public consumption.

Just click on your area to see both a location and a picture of the street art that has been spotted and documented. Then, if you’re out and about and come across something that you’d like to share, just snap a pic and add it to the database to help those around you enjoy your find as well.


[Via: Juxtapoz]

…Your tank isn’t always empty?

Tank On Empty

When your gas light comes on, how far can you go before it’s time to push?

Tank on Empty wants to help you answer that question, and it does so by polling other drivers to see how many miles they’ve gone on E.

By using this information, TOE hopes to create a database of how far each car can go before it’s time to fill up.

[Tank On Empty]

[Via: Neatorama]

…DYH is fixing a few errors?

For those of you who came by here in the past few days and noticed everything was a little out of whack, I apologize. I’ve been having some problems with the WordPress database lately, but hopefully I’ll have them all worked out soon. Thanks for your patience, and keep checking back for all the latest and greatest at Didn’t You Hear.

Edit: Because of the problems, I’m extending the deadline for entering into last week’s TGI Friday contest until noon (Pacific time) this Wednesday, February 14th. If you wanted to win a few of those Prickie buttons, you’ve got a couple more days to do it, so get your entry in today.