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…Treasure World brings the Nintendo DS into the real world?

Treasure World

Treasure World from Aspyr for the Nintendo DS is an interesting new way to look at gaming.

To play, you take your DS out into the wild and roam the streets looking for star dust. In this case, star dust can be gathered from the Wi-Fi signals that are all around you, and each one unlocks a special treasure chest that is filled with goodies. Just turn the game on, wander around an area with lots of unique signals, and the game will tick off rewards like a pinball machine on overdrive.

Once you return home, the game will reward your adventure with costumes for your character and decorations for your world. Then, in another interesting twist, you can arrange those decorations in any way that you’d like, and your world becomes a 32-note music tracker, allowing you to create and share songs by just placing things in various locations.

Overall, I’m impressed with what Aspyr has done with the concept. They’ve managed to trick kids into playing outside by rewarding them with trinkets and toys, and then have turned them into composers with a unique music machine that encourages experimentation and sharing. Well done!

[Club Treasure World]

…Interiors can be obscene?

Obscene Interiors

Obscene Interiors “is a collection of real online male personal ad photos” with a “critique of the decorating found within”.

To help you focus on the décor, the “often-nude” figures have been grayed out, leaving nothing but their style and taste to show off.

It’s amazing what a change in focus will reveal!

[JustinSpace – Obscene Interiors]

…The Treenorah helps the religiously confused?


For those that celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah (aka Chrismukkah), it can be tough to walk the fine line between too much Christ and too much mukkah.

To help those in a religious identity crisis, the Tree Menorah (aka Treenorah) combines the essential elements of both holidays into one easy to use decoration.

Place presents under it and candles on top of it, and your best-of-both-worlds holiday will be complete.

[Prank Place – Menorah Christmas Tree]

[Via: Kitsune Noir]

…Sugar Skulls are delicious?

Mexican Sugar Skull

The Sugar Skull is a common symbol of the Day of the Dead; a Mexican celebration that honors and celebrates the lives of the deceased and the continuation of life.

Made with sugar and decorated with royal icing, foil, beads, feathers and sequins, sugar skulls are gifts that are given to both the living and the dead. Plus, they make great additions to a tea party or your morning coffee.

If you’d like to make your own, then check out the tutorial, as well as MexicanSugarSkull.com, a site that is full of information about the sugar skull.

[Sugar Skull Tutorial]


[Via: MAKE: Blog]